Why Eco-friendly apartments in Bangalore is the way forward

Why Eco-friendly apartments in Bangalore is the way forward

Posted on Mar 19, 2018 at 05:46 PM

Why Eco-friendly apartments in Bangalore is the way forward

Every aspect of modern civilization and development has a direct or indirect impact on the environment. It is, therefore, extremely important to consider a lifestyle that is more environmentally responsible. In other words, focusing on sustainable development in every walk of life is a crucial factor in ensuring the environment and all that it has to offer can last longer. It is all about thriving satisfactorily while preserving the needs of tomorrow. And one very important step towards sustainable development in a city like Bangalore is to turn towards eco-friendly homes.

    • Understanding the importance of sustainable development in Bangalore

      Urban areas like Bangalore generate two-thirds of India’s economic output, according to a UN report. The constant growth of the city also leads to a constant demand of better infrastructure to cater to the upcoming generations and work force. If sustainable development is not taken seriously, it would get increasingly difficult to maintain the required infrastructure for long. After a point of time, it would lead to a downfall in economic growth too. Among many essential steps towards sustainable development, focusing on greener homes is an important one.

    • What do we mean by eco-friendly apartments in Bangalore?

      Eco-friendly apartments are made with materials and processes that are resource-efficient as well as environmentally responsible throughout the life-cycle of the construction. The advantages of green buildings can be seen on social as well as economic fronts. Not only do they prove to be healthier for the environment but are also great for the health of their occupants.

        Just like every other Indian agglomeration, Bangalore needs an efficient infrastructure that can cater to its smart city planning. However, it is equally important to keep that infrastructure eco-friendly at the very basic levels. Turning to eco- friendly apartments in Bangalore has the potential of making a huge difference. That is because of many factors:

      1. 1. Eco-friendly homes in Bangalore are more energy efficient

        Eco-friendly homes incorporate unique construction features that ensure efficient use of resources. First of all, they have broad, well-ventilated spaces that ensure the optimum utilization of natural light. This helps in reducing the dependence on artificial light powered by electricity. In addition to that, these homes are constructed using efficient plumbing plans, pipelines and strategies to reduce wastage of resources like gas and water.

      2. 2. The quality of the indoor environment improves with eco-friendly homes in Bangalore

        The indoor air quality of an apartment depends on many factors including the materials used in construction, the amount of open space and the quality of air circulation. eco-friendly apartments in Bangalore have all of these qualities that can bring a significant improvement in indoor air quality. As a result, there is a positive impact on the health of the inhabitants of the apartments which directly contributes towards the city’s overall development.

      3. 3. They ensure better material efficiency and reduce the strain on local resources

        Material efficiency refers to the amount of physical processes and materials that are used for the construction of an apartment without compromising on the final outcome. A more material-efficient home would mean less materials and yet, better quality of construction. This also includes the fact that the materials generate as little waste as possible. So, in order to achieve material efficiency, builders must make use of long-lasting materials and incorporate eco-friendly processes of recycling and reusing at several stages of the construction. The processes should also be considerate towards the use of other resources such as water. In short, a more material efficient building is naturally a more environmentally responsible construction.

    Nitesh Land focuses on constructing homes that are luxurious, urban, stylish and, at the same time, in tune with the idea of sustainable development in Bangalore. The apartments offered by Nitesh Land boast of many eco-friendly properties such as:

  • 1. More environmentally friendly door and window frames

    One of the essentials of eco-friendly apartments in Bangalore is to use the right material in door and window frames. Nitesh homes consist of wooden frames instead of the harmful PVCu. The latter not only has a lower longevity than wood but also lacks a GWP or global warming potential, a striking feature present in the wood that is chosen and treated by Nitesh Land before installation.

  • 2. Energy efficient furnishings

    The use of wood for the rest of the furnishings and details in homes ensures better energy efficiency thereby helping you cut down on your power consumption. That in turn reduces your utility bills and relieves the stress on the environment.

  • 3. Open and well-ventilated spaces

    All Nitesh homes are very well ventilated and surrounded by sufficient greenery to contribute towards a better environment.

If you are looking for an ideal home to invest in Bangalore, opting for the eco-friendly apartments by Nitesh Land is certainly a smart and responsible choice. The several advantages of these apartments are further enhanced by very responsible construction and the use of high quality materials that make these homes environment friendly, helping you be a part of sustainable development in Bangalore.