The best interior design trends of 2018

The best interior design trends of 2018

Posted on Apr 5, 2018 at 10:37 AM

The best interior design trends of 2018

Decorating the interiors of a home can be both a daunting and an enjoyable task depending on how you wish to take it. It is important to invest a good amount of time and thought into how you want your home to look like. After all, it is a safe haven where you would want to unwind at the end of the day and be the most comfortable, laidback version of yourself because there would be no one to judge you! And while there can be endless decorating ideas to choose from, you should pick one that speaks about your taste and personality.

    • Why pay attention to how your interiors look?

      Implementing the right home décor ideas is not just about enhancing the aesthetic beauty of the space but also, about improving the functionality of your home. Whether you are thinking of remodelling a part of your home or your home is being built from scratch, the details of decorating should not be overlooked.

      Different homeowners have different personalities and varying needs. These play a crucial role in picking the decorating ideas for a home. So, it is imperative to understand how a space should not just be improved visually but also, realistically in terms of the purpose that it serves. Besides, a well decorated and organized home is the key to keeping you relaxed and maintaining a healthy indoor environment that is neat and pleasing to look at.

    • The basics of decorating your home

        Before understanding the interiors design trends of 2018, you should know the basic home décor ideas that actually form the principles of choosing colors, a décor theme and other details in a particular interior space.

      1. 1. Find an inspiration

        You don’t have to be an artist or a designer to find inspiration for your home décor ideas. Something as minimal as a leaf can serve as an idea to get you started with your décor plans. It is all about understanding why you would want a part of your home to look a certain way, how practical it would be and how well would you be able to maintain it.

      2. 2. Be thoughtful about materials and construction

        Once you have found your inspiration, it is time to analyse the cost and availability of the materials or design elements that you want to incorporate into your home decorating ideas. This is also the stage where you should be keeping in mind the climate of the city, the location of your home and other important details.

      3. 3. Play with contrasting elements

        Contrast is the key to maintaining interest in a visual setup. Whether it is colors or themes, you should feel free to play with contrasting elements that bring out the best of your decorating efforts.

      4. 4. Create a vision and plan for real life

        Finally, whatever you do, do not stray from the practical aspect of the design ideas that you wish to follow. A piece of furniture may look great in a picture but ask yourself if you would really need a similar piece and if there is a more suitable alternative to the same.

The top interior design trends of 2018 that you should know about
Trends constantly keep changing and it is quite refreshing to see a whole new set of products, ideas and palates that have formed a part of the interior design trends 2018. Not only do these serve as a basic idea for you to start looking for your décor inspiration but also, these can be taken as guidelines for decorating your home in a way that looks stylish and at the same time, ranks high on the functionality scale.

  • 1. Colour block effects

    Gone are the days when all the walls were painted the same colour. The latest interior design trends in 2018 focus on giving an artistic touch to a part of your walls in the form of a contrasting colour block effect. You can create any shapes that you like using ombre effects, stencils, wall stickers or just plain paint to achieve that stunning magazine-worthy look.

  • 2. Lots of greenery

    Foliage is the key word when it comes to interior design trends in 2018. If you are running out of home decorating ideas, just bring in a few indoor plants and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Not only will they act as natural air purifiers but also, help make your favourite spaces look livelier.

  • 3. Rustic and dark accents

    A mix of weathered woods, earthy paint colours and natural materials is all you need for creating the perfect corner for yourself in your home. Balance these tones with dark upholstery or artwork and you would be all set to flaunt your trendy indoors to all the guests that you want to invite over for the house warming!

  • 4. Minimalist design and geometrics

    Minimalism is a trend that is here to stay. In an otherwise chaotic life, keeping things minimalist can help bring a sense of tranquillity and balance. It is all about adhering to only the most essential elements and letting go of the rest. It could be faintest colours or keeping the least number of furniture pieces at home. Staying minimalist can be very helpful in adding soul to your home. Add to that a few trendy geometric décor pieces and you’d have created the perfectly decorated home for yourself.

  • 5. Metallic highlights

    Finally, when you have implemented the basic interior design trends of 2018 in your home, you can add the finishing touch with gold-coloured or copper tinted faucets, light fixtures, frames and door handles as per your liking. The love for metal colours has seen an obvious revival this year.

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