6 Ways to Spruce up Your Kitchen in 2018

6 Ways to Spruce up Your Kitchen in 2018

Posted on Mar 16, 2018 at 09:07 AM

6 Ways to Spruce up Your Kitchen in 2018

Kitchens have from time immemorial been considered the heart of every home. This is the space from where the aromas of home cooked meals arise and engulf a family in an unseen yet unbreakable bond. Since a good part of the day is spent in the kitchen, it is always important that equal love and care go into decorating it. Whether your current kitchen needs a makeover or you simply want to bring in a fresh colour scheme, this is the perfect time to plan your dream kitchen.

    • So what is trending in 2018 in kitchen décor?

      2018 is all about having your kitchen in uber cool industrial looks, colours in contrast, veneer and timber or stunning metallic.
      The year has seen the emergence of bolder colours and textures. While a mix of striking, solid colours with wood grains continues to be in, trendy industrial finishes like concrete, when used creatively, give a certain class to your kitchen décor.

      1. 1. Lighting

        Lighting, when used in the right manner, can transform the look of any room and the kitchen is no exception. Adding a few lights, positioned strategically, can transform even the drabbest looking kitchen into an area radiating warmth and class. The regular traditional line of three pendant lights always works its magic on an island kitchen and looks equally stunning in a rectangular kitchen. These can be complemented with LED strips on the underside of the cabinets that are at eye level which will illuminate your kitchen with a soft glow. Adding lights under kitchen cabinets and counters is the easiest way to transform the ambience of your kitchen and can complement your existing lights.

      2. 2. Shelving It

        Open shelving décor is fast gaining popularity and one can add a little bit of their personality by placing accessories and other knick-knacks like gourmet food jars. The open shelves can also be used to add a touch of green by growing often used herbs or succulents. A mix and match of open shelves dotted with accessories and closed cabinets to tuck away your old cookware and other kitchen pantry items works well in modern kitchens.

      3. 3. Islands

        The island is usually used in the kitchen as a breakfast/dinner counter doubling up as a storage space but rarely or never used as the actual cooking area. Islands in the kitchen are usually subjected to space available and are more suited in large kitchen spaces but they continue to be in vogue even today. The island can be further put to use by installing small appliances and a small sink – this can be further transformed into a bar when needed.

      4. 4. Handles are back

        The years gone by saw more of clear lines and concealed hinges. In this year, however, handles are making a comeback. You can add a touch of class to your modern kitchen cabinets by adding beautiful ornate handles in rose gold, copper or give your kitchen a slightly rustic look by adding blue pottery ceramic or crystal handles.

      5. 5. Vibrant/ Bold colour schemes

        Vibrant colour schemes continue to be popular and using pops of bright colour or plain colours with vibrant colour clashes are in. Always remember the colours used in the kitchen should reflect one’s personality. The cooking area should always be bright and this can be achieved by adding lighter colour tones and subtle lights.

      6. 6. Pretty pastels

        For those who are not yet ready to try out bold dramatic colours, pastel shades and designs in pastels are a great way to add a little chic glam to your kitchen, especially when used as finishes. Pastels are ideal when teamed up with grey or wood finishes. The most popular combinations to create a highlighting effect are pastel shades of green, pink, blue and yellow.

Apart from the above-mentioned décor ideas, the Boho look is still in vogue and is easily adaptable with other colours. This adds a timeless character to your kitchen while keeping in line with modern design trends. There is also a growing trend towards matching accessories and appliances. The most popular are in rose gold and copper accents, a smart and chic alternative to everyday stainless steel and black.