Why plots in Devanahalli is a great investment

Why plots in Devanahalli is a great investment

Posted on July 31, 2018 at 05:50 PM

Why plots in Devanahalli is a great investment

There is no property more valuable in the long run than land. Statistics prove that people who have invested in land at the right time and at the right locations have reaped in big rewards over time. It is a known fact that every city expands as it grows in terms of prominent educational institutions, infrastructure and career prospects. Nitesh Land has several options when it comes to buying plots in Devanahalli. But before exploring those, take a look at the very reasons that make the location such an excellent investment opportunity.

1. Understanding the importance of investing in land

When you invest in land in a growing city, you are ensuring that the city’s growth adds value to your personal investment as well. In addition to that, land investments come with the following advantages:

  1. 1. Better flexibility

    Investment in land tends to allow more flexibility in terms of utilizing that property. It could be used for both commercial and residential purposes as per the preference of the investor. The land can also be utilized for creating a personal getaway from home such as a farmhouse or a holiday lodge.

  2. 2. Lesser maintenance

    Unlike other real estate investments such as those involving office spaces or homes, lands demand less of an upkeep thereby reducing the costs involved in the same.

  3. 3. Higher potential for profit

    Another great advantage of buying land is that you can expect a higher ROI or return on investment over time. Depending on the location and demand of the land, you can make a decision to hold on to it, modify it or sell it. All of these options provide you with ample opportunity for planning and calculating to come up with a decision that best suits your preferences.

2. Why Devanahalli is your best bet when looking for plots in North Bangalore

Coming to the idea of buying plots in Devanahall, Bangalore, there are an array of reasons why this particular location should be at the top of your priority list.

  1. 1. Close proximity to the international airport

    The primary advantage of Devanahalli is its proximity to the international airport. While it is a great investment opportunity owing to the convenience in terms of travel, the location advantage extends to the fact that the airport is bound to bring in a lot of development in and around the area. More specifically, over 5000 acres for commercial and retail activities are proposed around the airport and the entire area has the potential of becoming a model town. That in turn would give a boost to the property values, particularly that of land. Also, the KSIIDC has proposed commercial development of 309 acres of land around the airport!

  2. 2. The status of a satellite township

    A satellite township is a modern urban concept in the area of town planning. Owing to growing demand of land in urban areas, a satellite town is developed as a smaller and yet a more convenient alternative. Most satellite towns are extremely well planned, independent of the actual metropolitan city, self-sufficient and still located within the said periphery of the city. So, seeking a plot project in Bangalore gets better when you opt for a satellite township such as Devanahalli.

  3. 3. Proximity to places of attraction

    There are a good number of interesting places located close to Devanahalli. That boosts the appeal of the area and gives it a high potential for making profits for those interested in buying land in North Bangalore. A few examples include Nandi Hills, the fort, parks and so on. All of them add up to the value of land in the area, turning it into a highly investor-friendly opportunity.

  4. 4. Better infrastructure and civic amenities

    Devanahalli has several schools, office spaces and markets in and around. The area itself is becoming one of the favorite places to buy land in North Bangalore because of the IT hubs and other industries that are sprouting up. Plots in Devanahalli are available as per a broad range of requirements. That enhances the appeal of investing in the area. Let’s take a look at some of the most promising projects that are expected to sprout up in the near future:


    Narayana Hrudayalaya will be setting up a Super Specialty Hospital with 5000 Beds, a star-rated hotel and Service Apartments, near KIAL.


    Trident has proposed a 5-Star hotel near KIAL.

    The Oberoi Group and is setting up a hotel near KIAL.

    JW Marriott is setting up a hotel near the new PGA rated Golf course.

    The government has sanctioned construction of convention Centre with two 5-Star hotels over 35 acres.


    The Government of Karnataka has also proposed setting up an entertainment park named ‘Space City’ along the lines of Disneyland in Bangalore.


    An IIT has been proposed at Kanive Narayanapura, Muddenahalli.

    ITIR will also mark its presence at Muddenahalli.

    Manipal Education is setting up a 350-acre university campus in the vicinity.


    A High Speed Airport Rail Link has been proposed from CBD.

    Metro Rail services will be extended up to Devanahalli.

    Over 55 multinational IT companies have shown interest in the ITIR.

  5. 5. Employment opportunities

    The growth of industries in the area offers immense potential for employment. That means a lot of inflow of people willing to work in those industries. Buying plots in Devanahalli is therefore, an investment that comes with a lot of future possibilities. Not only can these plots be resold at a higher value when property rates rise, but also, these can be utilized for the construction of residential and commercial spaces that would rise in demand too as more people start moving into the area. Here are a few upcoming developments to look forward to in Devanahalli:

    Infosys Technologies has signed a MoU for a 40-acre unit at Devanahalli with a proposed Investment of Rs.700 crore, providing 12,000 jobs.

    Wipro’s SEZ in the same area will employ 15,000 at an investment of Rs. 477 crore.

    Shell Technology India will be setting up a Technology Centre for Oil & Gas, at KIADB Hardware Industrial Area, Devanahalli.

    Aerospace manufacturers like HAL, BEML & Dynamatic Technologies will be setting up units for making Engine components, Aircraft Repair and Overhaul, and Manufacture of Helicopters at KIADB Aerospace SEZ, Devanahalli.

    Brands like Raymond, Arvind, Bombay Rayon have proposed the set up of Textile SEZ comprising units near Devanahalli Business Park.

    IFCI Infrastructure will be setting up a Financial City at Devanahalli Industrial Area.

    All of this has led to prediction that employment generation in the area can be easily be for an approx. 1.5 lakh persons.

  6. 6. Numerous proposed projects

    A lot of real estate projects are in the pipeline, particularly for Devanahalli. For those who wish to buy property away from the main city, this adds up to the list of advantages. Investing with builders who are specialized in developing villas and residential plots proves to be a smarter decision for more reasons than one.

Nitesh Land is one of the most reliable builders who specialize in providing a variety of deals for plots in Devanahalli to a wide range of investors. With the right certifications in place, investing the plots offered by the builders ensures that you get a deal as per your budget and your other preferences. Whether you are trying to look for an investment that would yield quick returns or you want land where you can build your own custom nest in the near future, there are a wide variety of options to choose from, at the right prices. Also, considering the fact that Devanahalli is one of the fastest growing suburbs of Bangalore, you can look forward to long term satisfaction with the land investment that you make. With a peaceful environment and yet, a close proximity to the amenities offered by the main city, Devanahalli fits into the ideal frame of a location where you might want to buy plots in Bangalore.