Why a home with open spaces is essential for healthy living

Why a home with open spaces is essential for healthy living

Posted on July 16, 2018 at 04:50 PM

Why a home with open spaces is essential for healthy living

The constantly rising population in all the urban areas has created the demand for more residential spaces. However, too many homes in one area, if not planned properly, can soon turn into a congested concrete jungle. Considering the modern lifestyle that is busy and unhealthy at many levels, homes with open spaces are a necessity. Nitesh Land reveals some of the major reasons why.

1. Buying a home with open spaces

When it comes to buying an apartment, there are several factors that need to be kept in mind. The location, the amenities and the layout of the apartment vis-à-vis the budget that you have are the primary considerations followed by size, type and the very surroundings of that apartment. However an often overlooked aspect is the area surrounding the apartments.

The idea of having gardens and yards are important not just from the aesthetic point of view but also, from the health perspective. A garden or any green space around homes can be very helpful in creating a healthy breathing environment indoors.

2. The importance of space around homes

Traditionally, the designs of old houses used to always include courtyards, balconies, terraces and gardens within and around the construction. There were several advantages that were given a lot of importance in order to adhere to such plans.

  1. 1. Inner courtyards were an amazing design to keep the house cool, improve ventilation and serve as a warm indoor area that received ample sunlight.
  2. 2. Open spaces also served as the heart of family interactions when everyone would get together and have a good time.

    It is true that such apartments with open spaces may seem like a luxury in most urban developments. However, green spaces around residential buildings are always feasible and should be made a priority for a number of reasons. Open space areas that dedicated to parks and green surroundings improve the air quality in and around the homes. They add aesthetic value and have recreational advantages for the residents. Here is a deeper look into the advantages enjoyed by a home with open spaces around it:

  1. 1. Ecological advantages of homes with green spaces

    It is crucial to conserve nature in an urban environment. It has a direct impact on the health and well-being of the residents. Not only do green spaces around homes attract species of birds, butterflies and small animals, these spaces encourage the people to value nature and improve their interaction with nature. Open spaces allow for the planting of more trees that purify the air and improve the overall general health of the people living in that apartment complex.

  2. 2. Aesthetic advantages of apartments with open spaces

    Open spaces create the right opportunity for balancing the grey of the man-made structures with the green of nature, providing a visually appealing contrast. It is true that people enjoy greenery and the proximity to parks and plants makes it easier for them to view nature close by. In addition to that, attractive neighbourhoods tend to promote positive attitudes and habits like walking and spending time outdoors, all of which are healthy practices necessary for a healthy urban life.

  3. 3. Recreational advantages of a home with open spaces

    A home with open spaces around has the perfect opportunity for active as well as passive recreation. The time spent in such open spaces offers a much needed reprieve from the everyday mundane environments. That is very important for the mental well-being of an individual at many levels.

Why apartments with open spaces are more valuable

Considering the multiple advantages offered by apartments that have open spaces around them, it is only natural to expect these apartments to be higher in value. Research has revealed that people can greatly benefit from being in the presence of greenery. When there are open spaces around homes, the possibility of utilizing those spaces for the creation of green spaces is higher. That makes it easier for people to stay closer to greenery and that has a positive impact on their spiritual, mental and physical health.

It is also important to understand the focus that is put on home trends at present. Even people who do not appreciate the value of open spaces or greenery around homes tend to be influenced by the latest trends that put a lot of emphasis on such spaces in order to eliminate the problems that arise due to congested layouts and constructions. It is clear that aesthetics and practicality are the key to forming the modern home trends. Open spaces fit in both criteria. In short, open spaces provide the solace that is needed when leading a cluttered modern life. This is directly related to health and well-being at both spiritual and physical levels.

Therefore, open spaces around homes improve the liveability factor of those homes, provide the ground for recreational activities and reduce the probability of health problems. All of this culminates into increasing the property value of such apartments.

Nitesh Land focuses on the creation of urban living areas that are in tune with comfort and functionality alike. You can choose from a wide range of options to find an ideal home with open spaces. The different locations over which the projects are spread further adds to the variety of choice that you can enjoy.