10 Simple Ways to make your home more Eco-Friendly

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Posted on May 11, 2018 at 11:45 AM

10 Simple Ways to make your home more Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly is the way forward for the sustainability of our planet and in turn, our future. Small steps taken towards a greener environment by each one of us goes on to play a larger role in creating a cleaner, greener and more beautiful home, locality, city and ultimately the planet.

Lush green clean spaces, sparkling waters of lakes and beautifully lined avenues never fail to astound us. Homeowners are fast changing their preferences for the type of homes they choose. A large number of people these days prefer to live in gated communities or apartments that offer spacious homes that allow natural sunlight, large open spaces and ample green cover.

When we are particular about the kind of homes we choose and the area we live in, it is equally important that we imbibe within ourselves a few changes within the confines of our home and contribute in our own little way to making life more eco-friendly.

Here are 10 simple yet effective ways that you can contribute towards eco-friendly living:

  • The Living Room

    Living rooms are largely used for entertaining guests and family gatherings, while some double up as the media and entertainment room. It is the room, which gives the first impression of the taste and preferences of the homeowner.

    • ● While choosing the décor for your living area, try using drapes that allow natural light to stream in during the day. Alternatively, keep the drapes open during the day and this will reduce the need to switch on the lights thereby helping reduce energy costs by about 10%.
    • ● Rugs not only add a touch of class to the living spaces but also by using rugs on wooden floors can help keep homes better insulated and reduce energy bills by about 6%.
  • Kitchen

    No doubt, one of the most used rooms in our homes is the kitchen and it can surprisingly be the biggest energy drainer simply because the number of appliances operating here.

    • ● Keeping your refrigerator away from sunlight will help the appliance work to its optimum level.
    • ● Using energy efficient appliances can help in saving up to 50% of the energy requirement. Using energy saving cookware such as glass and ceramics in ovens reduces the cooking temperature required.
    • ● Segregating waste and disposing them accordingly contributes significantly towards a greener and cleaner environment.
  • Bedrooms

    The room where we turn in after a hard day’s work, unwind and recharge are usually given a special touch, which appeals to our senses. The bedroom is our personal space, exudes our character and gives us a sense of calm.

    • ● The best way to instil a sense of calm is by using fragrances in our bedrooms. Use essential oils and non-aerosol sprays instead of chemicals and synthetic sprays in your bedrooms and other rooms. This not only saves you from chemical exposure but also contributes towards cleaner air.
    • ● Use organic cotton linen and woollen comforters or blankets rather than polyester ones as this not only good for your body but it is more eco-friendly.
  • Bathrooms

    Bathrooms should exude your personality and character too. A clean, tidy, dry and well-ventilated bathroom works towards bringing positive energies.

    • ● Open the vents and windows of your bathroom every day as excessive humidity causes a build-up of mold. If there were no build-up of mold then there wouldn’t be the need to use chemical cleaning agents to get rid of them. Keep a spider plant in your bathrooms as this will help purify the air.
    • ● Turn off the water taps while shaving and brushing. It is better to fill up a jar of warm water while shaving as this reduces the wastage of water.
    • ● Install a low flow toilet and showerhead. Flushing of toilets accounts for about 30% of water use and this means a family of four can save up to 160000 litres of water annually by installing low flow toilets and showerheads.

Small things like these add up and can make a big difference towards building a greener planet. A cornerstone of Nitesh Land has always been eco-friendly living with a number of or projects boasting green apartments.