Why Nitesh Estate homes score high on connectivity

Why Nitesh Estate homes score high on connectivity

Posted on Apr 16, 2018 at 06:41 PM

Why Nitesh Estate homes score high on connectivity

Real estate investors and buyers tend to have a preference for homes with good connectivity. It adds to the value of the property because of the convenience that it has to offer. The properties offered by Nitesh Land have an advantage in this respect. Committed to building world class homes, the residential developers have their projects in some of the best locations in Bangalore, well connected to the rest of the city through metro routes and the road network. Let’s take a closer look at the factors that makes these homes more favourable in terms of transport connectivity.

  • Accessibility to schools, market places and other amenities

    The apartments offered by Nitesh Land are strategically constructed in locations that are known for their reputed schools and institutions or have a good presence of urban amenities like banks, ATMs, pharmacies, restaurants and markets.

  • Social infrastructure around Nitesh Estate homes

    Apart from the fact that Nitesh offers homes with good connectivity in terms of the amenities within the apartment complexes, the social infrastructure of the very location of these complexes is also highly favourable. Spread across affluent areas like Cunningham Road, Yelahanka, Langford Garden and Whitefield, these apartments are in close proximity to hospitals, popular market places, eating outlets and multiplexes. In other words, the social infrastructure around these homes also creates an ideal environment for comfortable urban living.

  • Convenient transport networks

    Nitesh homes are well connected to different parts of the city and major destinations like the airport, railway station and tourist spots through efficient transport networks.

    1. 1. The builders have constructed apartments close to the metro

      One of the biggest advantages of these apartments is that they are located close to the metro stations that can be reached quickly. Homes near metros automatically have a higher value that stays favourable for a long time to come. Sometimes, the impact of the metro can be seen even in locations adjoining the metro stations. This mostly happens when the connectivity between residential spaces and commercial hubs is more efficient. Nitesh Land homes which are in close vicinity of metro stations are Nitesh Caesars Palace, Nitesh Hyde Park , Nitesh Logos and Nitesh Madison Square

    2. 2. Well-functioning road networks connect the apartments to all important places

      A good transport connectivity is essential for saving time and avoiding traffic congestion. Moving into homes with good connectivity can bring a huge improvement in your lifestyle as getting around the city becomes much easier. Considering the fact that Nitesh apartments cover all of these, it makes them highly favourable choices.

  • The economical perspective

    Investing in home that score high on connectivity allows quicker and easier access to essential amenities and prominent places. Staying better connected to options of shopping and entertainment makes life easier and is therefore, much preferred by buyers. So, you can expect the following advantages in the long run too:

    1. 1. Better ROI

      Investing in homes with good connectivity assures a good return on investment. The current as well as the expect quality of connectivity at several levels makes the investment ideal for buyers even in the future. So, when you wish to sell the property, you know you would have a stronger negotiating power to make a deal more favourable to you.

    2. 2. Potential for further development

      Construction projects that have the advantage of location and connectivity also have the potential for ongoing commercial development. This adds to the reasons why investing in home with good connectivity brings more profit in the long run. In other words, the value of such properties continues to go higher as development continues to fuel growth in the location as well as the locations adjacent to it. It is also very important to remember the future connectivity plans and proposals that can further enhance the appeal of a particular residential project, turning it into a more lucrative, smarter investment in the present.

    3. 3. Potential for increased investment interests in the future

      A well connected and highly developed area draws the attention of investors for a long time. So, investing now only lays the foundation for better future opportunities.

Trends in real estate constantly change and evolve. However, predictions from experts and an analysis of the past patterns of property rates can clearly highlight the pros and cons of a specific location. Considering the fact that transport connectivity and accessibility to important places plays a highly significant role in determining the value of both residential and commercial projects, these factors should be evaluated and weighed for making a smarter purchase.
It is always ideal to invest in homes that have good connectivity offered by Nitesh Land considering the many advantages that you can expect to enjoy. A healthy discussion with the professionals can further help make better informed purchase decisions in case you face any doubts or confusion.