6 innovative home decor ideas to help inspire you

6 innovative home decor ideas to help inspire you

Posted on May 29, 2018 at 10:15 AM

6 innovative home decor ideas to help inspire you

Home is where we all love to curl up after a long day. Nothing comes closer to this haven of peace, comfort and tranquility after a hectic and tiring day at work and later on the roads, after battling hours of traffic menace.

We all have amazing home décor ideas in our head to transform our living spaces according to our taste and preferences. Change indeed is the key mantra and it can add zing to your mundane life. Whether you are doing up a new home or making subtle changes in your existing one, planning a home décor is always exciting.

    Here are our Super 6 brilliant ideas to spruce up your home décor without spending a fortune:

  • 1. Minimalism stands out:

    Minimalism is the key to Zen living. According to Japanese way of Zen living, your home and your lifestyle should reflect harmony, peace and balance. It should exude relaxing vibes and create an ambience that sucks out stress and anxiety. Zen comes with a few basic principles of simplicity, minimalism and elimination of unwanted stuff. With an increasingly erratic lifestyle and extremely stressful and toxic environment around us, we have a dire need of transforming our homes into peaceful sanctuaries for a happy and contented living.

      A few principles of a minimal Zen living are:

    • ● Reducing clutter and keeping only essential stuff.
    • ● Use of Earthen tones and natural elements
    • ● Soft lights and Natural fabrics to bring harmony
    • ● Uncomplicated, simple clear lines in furniture selection
    • ● Minimal electronic disturbance and reorganizing of cords and wires
    • ● Use of natural scents, plants and floral accents
  • 2. Dream in Colors:

    While we all know that white looks utterly pristine and grey is elegant forever, colors will still rule the home décor trend this year. It is going to get bolder and braver. Choose colors like there is no tomorrow. Go bold, brazen and unstoppable while experimenting with colors. Be it walls, upholstery, that piece of furniture you were yearning for or even a dainty ceramic pot. Violet, emerald green, fuchsia and teal will be the trendsetters. Check the Pantone color of the year 2018 to get some brilliant ideas for your home decor. Dream in colors and express yourself in colors. It will reflect everywhere in your life, home and surroundings!

  • 3. Bring nature inside:

    A little green patch inside your living room brings a soothing and calming affect around the house. Instead of buying floral plants go for leafy greens, Bonsais and hanging terrariums that require less maintenance and induce peace, freshness and tranquillity. Apart from plants, incorporating other elements of nature in your living space is a great idea. Acquire a small water fountain, water filled bowls, a small fencing to bring serenity indoors.

  • 4. Lighting does the trick:

    It’s not a hidden fact that illumination is one of the best game changers when it comes to interior design ideas. A well-planned lighting has the power to add zing, sparkle and jazz to an otherwise mundane space. Casting the perfect light is the secret behind enhancing mood, ambience and soul of a living space.

      A quick guide to perfect illumination comes your way:

    • ● Create a customized lighting plan for each room, depending on the requirement and decor
    • ● Use small accent lamps and lights to focus on specific things – like a painting, bookshelves or a wall of fame.
    • ● For hallways and large rooms, pendant lights and chandeliers look perfect.
    • ● Your reading nooks and relaxation corners need floor lamps or angular lights for those cosy reading hours
    • ● Install dimmers to control lights in certain area and add more drama to the illumination
  • 5. Spruce up your ceiling:

    The very location of Nitesh Logos itself provides an amazing advantage. The complex is a part of downtown Bangalore. To be more specific, it is located on the posh Aga Abbas Ali Road, just off the popular MG Road. This in itself distinguishes the place as an opulent address in the city.

  • 6. Window dressing is a winner:

    Want to breathe new life into your current home décor and interiors?
    Go ahead and dress up your windows!
    It could be as simple as altering your window covers or removing and replacing them with something exciting. Based on the requirement and the element that complements the current interior of your home, you need to explore window dressing ideas and solutions.

    Roller blinds, venetian blinds and shutters are wonderful alternatives to good old curtains. Not only do they give a stylish look to your rooms, they also add drama by playing and adding filters to the natural light coming from the windows.
    Using natural, earthen and wooden material in the form of bamboo rollers or blinds also lends an eclectic and rustic look to your living space.

Taking a moment to think, ponder, read and research on innovative home décor ideas goes a long way. It can do wonders in transforming your home into a sanctuary that’s relaxing and also evokes balance and harmony all around.