Posted on Nov 7, 2015 at 07:47 PM


We strive to raise smart and successful children but are we also making an effort to raise an environmentally conscious generation? Teach your children the value of water and the importance of saving water at an early age to ensure that they grow up to be environmentally conscious adults. You can do that by answering these four questions for them before they ask you!

Why are we conserving water?

Children see water as an abundant resource which one can never run out of. The first step in educating your children about water conservation is to let them know how important water is. Pique their interest. Start by asking them simple questions (or even complex ones if your kids are much older) about water. Tell them interesting facts about water and present hypothetical situations about what could happen if we ran out of water. Explain in simple terms how we are running short of water due to overuse and wastage.


Let your kids look up and list the places where water scarcity is a huge issue. Give them a list of questions like ‘How many people do you think do not have access to clean drinking water?’ to answer. This will make them think and realise the importance of saving water themselves.

What are we doing wrong in our daily lives?

Water is a resource that we unwittingly waste every day. Let your children know all the little ways in which we do that – leaving the taps and faucets running, taking long showers, flushing unnecessarily, etc. Let them know how much water they are wasting and point out how they can reduce their usage of water in their everyday lives. This small step will make them more conscious of their water usage and make them more responsible in their everyday lives. Do it yourself and show them that you practice what you preach.


Have them write down 5 ways in which people are wasting water at home and school and ask them for suggestions to set it right. Try and implement those suggestions.

Where can we cut down on our water usage?

Once your children know the importance of conserving water, let them know of all the ways, big and small, that can minimize the usage. Encourage them to turn off the taps, water the plants during cooler times of the day, take bucket baths instead of showers, reuse water, water plants with a can instead of a hose, etc.


Turn your children into ‘Water Police’ to monitor not just themselves but also the adults in the house to ensure that water is being used judiciously. You can make badges for them to wear too!

How can we help more?

Encourage your children to spread their learning and teach their friends about water conservation. Teach them about rainwater harvesting and ways to reuse water by implementing it in your homes.


Sit with your children and make charts and models to display in their classrooms about water scarcity and water conservation.

Lastly, teach by example. If you are more prudent with your water usage in your daily lives, your children will automatically follow you. Don’t just teach them but show them how to conserve water. An environmentally conscious new generation will lead to a better tomorrow.