Why good ventilation is a cornerstone of Nitesh Land homes

Why good ventilation is a cornerstone of Nitesh Land homes

Posted on Jan 29, 2018 at 09:55 AM

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Fresh air and open spaces are the key to a healthy living environment. Good ventilated homes by Nitesh Land allow air to circulate properly, thereby eliminating bad odours and smoke. It is extremely important to live in a well ventilated environment. Let’s examine some of the major reasons why.

  • To prevent the effects of condensation

    Apartments with good ventilation ensure that enough air flows in the home. On the contrary, lack of proper ventilation tends to support the build-up of condensation, which in turn leads to problems like damp and mold. Once the latter takes place, it demands additional expenses like dehumidification and expensive insulation solutions to get rid of the problem. In other words, a well ventilated apartment can also help you save costs by preventing the occurrence of such problems in the first place.

  • To support a safe environment for fuel combustion

    If the vents in a building are blocked up, the fumes from any kind of fuel would use up all the indoor air pretty quickly. Lack of proper ventilation would not allow fresh air to move in on time. As a result, the boilers may begin to produce carbon monoxide which is lethal. This is particularly applicable to the kitchen because good ventilation is important for a safe and hygienic cooking area. Cooking releases odours, steam and grease which can accumulate on the kitchen surfaces and over time, turn detrimental to health. Flats with ample ventilation help take care of these problems in the following ways.

    1. 1. A fresher kitchen

      A well ventilated kitchen stays free from odours and the accumulation of grease and oil particles on the walls and other surfaces.

    2. 2. Less damage to furnishings

      Condensation of acidic substances on the kitchen cabinets can also be prevented with good ventilation that supports proper air flow and natural light.

    3. 3. Healthier food and healthier cooking

      Good ventilation lessens the circulation of spores and pollen from household plants into the kitchen, keeping the food hygienic and healthy for consumption.

    4. 4. Reduced damage to wallpapers and paintwork

      Better air circulation, supported in a well ventilated home and kitchen, decreases mildew and also, keeps the wallpapers and paintwork safe from moist air and contaminants.

    5. 5. Maintaining a comfortable kitchen temperature

      Ventilation is also important for the prevention of uncomfortable heat build-up in and around the cooking area. It also removes excessive household chemical outgas from the kitchen.

    6. 6. A more hygienic cooking area

      A well ventilated kitchen is better protected from disease causing germs. That is because the constant circulation of air does not allow bacteria to grow and thrive on the countertops and other cooking surfaces.

  • To prevent rot

    If there are wooden structures and furnishings in an apartment, ventilation is all the more crucial. Flats with ample ventilation allow room for air around the wooden details. This prevents the occurrence of damp and rot.

  • To maintain good health

    Most importantly, good ventilated homes ensure that you breathe good quality, clean and fresh air indoors. These homes also stand little chance of getting excessively stuffy. In addition to that, living in well ventilated homes can reduce the following health risks:

    1. 1. Alleviating the attacks of respiratory disorders

      Respiratory discomfort and symptoms of asthma can worsen if there is scanty air to breathe. That is why it is of utmost importance that apartments with good ventilation be given a priority. Good ventilated homes make breathing easy and tend to be extremely favourable for asthma patients.

    2. 2. Reducing the occurrence of allergies

      Good ventilation prevents pollutants and allergens from settling in easily. When effective ventilation is in place, people with allergies tend to suffer less from the common difficulties.

    3. 3. Reducing the impact of VOCs

      Well ventilated homes can reduce the impact of chemicals lurking in the indoor air. VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds are basically invisible gases that can lead to an array of health conditions. These compounds originate with the use of several everyday products. Use of common air- fresheners, cosmetics and even permanent markers can release these compounds into the indoor air and an improved ventilation can help in pushing these out faster and more efficiently.

    4. 4. Reducing the effects of naturally occurring Radon gas

      Radon is a radioactive, colourless and odourless gas that can form by the decay of small amounts of naturally occurring uranium in rocks and soils. If an apartment is located too close to or at an area of such rocks or soils, Radon can enter the indoor environment and deposit itself into the lungs of those living in there. The gas attaches itself to dust particles present in stale air. In case of a well ventilated home, this risk gets reduced and sometimes, even completely eliminated.

    5. 5. Positive impacts on mental health and psychological well- being

      Good ventilated homes have sufficient windows and spaces through which natural light can enter. It has a very positive effect on the ambiance of the home and the psychological well- being of those living in those homes. Natural lighting can lead the mind to think positively and also, improves the mood of the people, creating a very positive environment.

In addition to all of the above, good ventilated homes also help you save on your utility bills. You don’t have to rely on artificial sources of air filtration nor do you have to depend on artificial lighting all of the time when there is ample natural light and fresh air circulating in the home.
It has been proven that people living in well ventilated homes tend to be healthier and happier because of the direct as well as indirect ways in which ventilation affects their lives and lifestyle.
All Nitesh Land homes are very well ventilated, in tune with the best in home construction and are suited to the most essential urban needs. Apart from modern construction complete with superior materials, the emphasis is on quality and the health of the residents, which makes it possible for these homes to help create and maintain a positive, clean and healthy indoor environment.