Transforming Core for the Future

Transforming Core for the Future

Growing towards a new future

The role of technology in today’s digital age has transformed businesses from backend enablers to core business strategy divisions in various industries. With the pandemic accelerating several organisations’ digital transformation strategies, the Indian real estate industry is no exception. Real estate companies in the country have been traditional in their approach. At Nitesh Land, the landscape has been exemplary in terms of agility and promptness to adopt the evolving tech-enabled market. It has helped us drive real estate resilience and safeguard our future growth by stabilizing our business.

Transforming Core for the Future

Trends shaping our strong real estate market despite the pandemic

It is very essential for businesses to focus on ensuring the safety and well-being of their customers while fulfilling their needs. This is possible only when we include tech in our business models, which is the utmost need of the hour.


The country’s real estate market has to register invincible resilience against the pandemic, which hit a certain segment of the population the previous year. The sector has suffered several setbacks, but even then it has managed to quickly adjust to the new normal with several digital technological methods. It is now back on track at a faster rate. The sector demonstrated promising growth from the period third and fourth quarters of the year 2020 to date.

Transforming Core for the Future

Future of Tech in Real Estate

Today’s technology in real estate has created an ecosystem for disruption, several advancements, and the elimination of traditional working models. In the coming days at Nitesh Land, we are incorporating several advancements such as 3-D printing, and pre-fabrication of building structures into our development process.

Transforming Core for the Future

Industry-transforming customer experiences

Due to the robust digitalization efforts and the latest technological deployment, the consistency of these efforts will pave the path for the growth of the industry-transforming customer experiences, stabilising the organization’s process. Our technological trends will evolve to a greater extent and establish a stronger digital future.

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