Retail Real Estate Development

Nitesh Land in the next 10 years will work towards a portfolio of Retail Real Estate assets catering to some of the finest Retailers in India and International brands. Our focus is to present in both the street level retail and liesure retail segment. We aspire to provide world-class shopping experience to all our customers and our we hope that our customer-centric approach will make us a go-to brands for all the leading national and international retail brands.

Nitesh Land will ensure each of its Shopping Malls and Retail Developments will involve all elements of Development, Design, Construction and Leasing. We aim to maximize returns on our investments by increased rental income and appreciating the capital value of the assets.

Property Management, Marketing and Leasing Activities

Each of the Shopping Centers or Retail Developments will involve leasing and day to day management and marketing of the centers. We at Nitesh Land will maximize returns by creating an efficient and robust environment for Retailers and a high quality shopping experience for our customers. This will entail working closely with retailers to develop a strong relationship and provide an appropriate platform for them to enhance their performance.

Nitesh Land will also build strong ties with its consumers by supporting local activities around each of its shopping centers

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