Nitesh Land: A Real Estate Developer with attention to detail.

Nitesh Land: A Real Estate Developer with attention to details.

Posted on Jan 5, 2018 at 06:14 PM

Real Estate Developer
Taking the concept of a building or home to construction is a journey that has its own road bumps. However, the way a professional handles it all determines the overall quality of the project. Paying attention to details in order to maintain high quality at every level is one of the most crucial elements to the work promised by Nitesh Land, who are dedicated to deliver superior, well finished apartments.
When it comes to the real estate sector in India, it is quite a buyer’s market at present. However, it is important to understand the importance of better construction and quality standards that are adhered to by your chosen real estate company. That is what would ensure that you are happy and satisfied with the purchase that you make.

The 7 areas for checking the construction quality of well finished apartments.

The Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India (CREDAI) has developed a code of conduct for real estate builders and developers. So, if home buyers or property investors are not sure about how to determine the quality of the projects that they get, they can turn to several options and third parties to get a confirmation. Before taking possession, a buyer can also engage a building TIC agency to repair faulty works and to check the overall health of the building.

Here are the seven areas that need to be examined for guaranteed overall quality.

1. Soil investigation

Nitesh pays attention to detail right from the fundamental levels. So, it all begins from investigating the soil before laying the foundation of any building. The difference in soil type and quality is an important factor to be dealt with before construction can be started on that ground.

2. Structure design

Experts are appointed to determine the designs that are created by the team of architects. It is important to weigh the feasibility and strength of a particular design so that the structure can withstand earthquakes of a certain magnitude.

3. Examination of the concrete mix

The load that a building can bear is determined by the strength, quality and purity of the concrete mix that is used throughout. Nitesh Land closely monitors the preparation of the concrete mix and utilizes superior grade pre-mixed alternatives.

4. Inspection of wall thickness

The next factor that contributes towards the quality of construction is the thickness of the walls. The proposed thickness is mentioned in the layout agreements and you can always get professional help to confirm this.

5. Ensuring safety features

Another secret to assuring better construction of well finished apartments is to ensure all the necessary safety features are in place. Certain examples include the features for earthquake resistance, fire exits and other emergency evacuation options. It also includes how hollow or solid the walls are.

6. Investigation of paint and plaster quality

Quality paint on the walls enhances the visual appeal and also, improves the longevity of the walls and wooden furnishing and fittings. So, it is important to consider this aspect while carrying out a quality check of the building’s construction.

7. Checking the stairwell and elevators

The proper installation and maintenance of elevators is one of the most important aspects to be taken care of in well finished apartments. All the licenses and maintenance of the elevators and stairwells need to be in place at all times so that they can be presented when the buyers or investigators need to examine them.

High quality leading to higher aesthetic value

When the focus is on quality and high aesthetic value, a few delivery delays can be acceptable. It is important to understand how all of it is interlinked. Quality construction not only gives a dependable skeleton to the building but also enhances the aesthetics of well finished apartments.

The 3 factors that reinstate the reliability of Nitesh Land projects

Nitesh Land constantly attempts to deliver all that it promises. However, the strict adherence to quality checks may sometimes cause unprecedented delays in the projects. This is only because the company makes sure the apartments are in perfect condition before they are handed over to you. In addition to that, take a look at the following factors that add to the reliability of the company.

1. Delivery as per expectations

Nitesh Land adheres to the latest guidelines that have been set up by RERA: Real Estate Regulatory Authority. So, the projects are delivered as per the stipulated timelines with acceptable flexibilities as per the set expectations. Quality control is observed at every stage including the very style of the building, picking of the shapes and in making the structures sturdy enough to withstand calamities.

2. Documented accounts

All the aspects of the construction are well documented. There are records of the brands of building materials that are used in every project, the amount in which every material is used, details about external fixtures and plumbing, types of tiles, quality of the various door and window panels that are used and so on. This makes it easier for the buyers to access all the information as and when they may need. You can also decide for yourself if would be willing to invest in property that is made with the specifications that are highlighted in those documented accounts of both ongoing and well finished apartments.

3. Measuring construction quality

The key to better construction lies in monitoring quality from every angle and during every phase. As explained earlier, the construction quality is closely monitored and maintained right from the time that the foundations are laid for any buildings. This is a process that largely involves paperwork. It is important to understand that quality control and monitoring also includes the fact that the construction happens exactly as per the finalized, approved structural designs provided by the architects and nodded by other professional experts. The project managers need to ensure that checks are done on all of these aspects and also, that all the promises that are made in the Nitesh Land brochures and presentations are fulfilled.