Nitesh Land brings in a facility to ensure convenience for our customers to interact with financial institutions and banks to avail housing loans. We help our clients with easy processing of loans by closely working with them during the documentation process required by financial institutions and banks.

We work closely with esteemed institution like HDFC Limited, HDFC Bank, Bank Of Baroda, Corporation Bank, State Bank Of India, ICICI Limited, Dhanalaxmi Bank and Axis Bank in all our projects.

Here are a few basic points to be considered while applying for a home loan:

  • What is the advantage of a home loan?

A home loan is a residential mortgage taken by an individual or family who wishes to purchase a piece of real estate in the form of a house, apartment, condominium, villa or a row house. Housing loans can also be obtained for building a house, repairing or renovating the interiors of an existing house. Home loans are easily available and are categorized into various interest rates, as per the borrowers needs and repayment capacity.

  • What is the eligibility for a loan?

Any Indian citizen who is above the age of 21 years at the time of sanctioning of the loan and is below 65 years of age on or before completion is entitled for a loan as per the guidelines of financial institutions and banks.

Salaried employees as well as entrepreneurs who are residents of India can apply for a housing loan.

Non-resident Indians (NRIs), salaried and business individuals under Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines can apply to any of the financial institutions and banks in the country to obtain loans.

  • Is it advisable to obtain a housing loan?

Taking a home loan seems like a judicious option when the resources on hand may be insufficient to buy a lifetime asset like your dream house. A home loan financially helps individuals who cannot pay the entire sum required to purchase their dream house. Currently India is going through a period where housing loans are easily available and it makes a lot of sense to buy quality housing today, rather than wait when property prices could soar and become unaffordable.

  • What are the legal documents required to obtain housing loans?

The first step while applying for a house loan is compiling the required documentation. Nitesh Land helps all it’s clients to make sure it is an easy process. A few mandatory documents to be produced while securing a home loan are:
(a) Income Tax Returns
(b) Salary Slips
(c) Residence Proof (if you have any)
(d) Proof of Identification
(e) Auditors Report
Nitesh Land will also assist in putting forward it’s clients to law firms associated with our company.