Environment, Health and Safety

“Nitesh Land will operate incident and injury free projects and is committed to realizing this wherever the company has a presence. This philosophy reaches every part of the Group’s operations across hotels, shopping malls, offices, homes and extends to all it’s clients, suppliers, sub-contractors and other stake holders
Nitesh Land will :

  • Invest in what it takes to achieve this vision.
  • Empower it’s employees to demonstrate leadership in making this vision a reality.
  • Proactively work with all the stake holders including architects, clients, sub-contractors and the work force to make this vision a reality and remain prepared to “walk away” rather than “compromise” the Nitesh Land commitment to safety.
  • Own and Act on this vision – this requires a mindset intolerant to any injury or accident regardless of frequency or severity.

Nitesh Land believes :

  • That working accident and injury free is a basic human right.
  • Those who view accident and injury free working as a given norm and make this happen will become leaders in the property industry.
  • Nitesh Land recognizes that this is achievable if our employees and stake holders are totally committed to it.
  • That a commitment to being accident and injury free requires individuals to take a personal stand and in doing so, demonstrate great courage and trust.