Investor-Related FAQs

1. When was Nitesh Land Initial Public Offering?
Nitesh Land Limited made its Initial Public offering from April 23, 2010 to April 27, 2010.

2. When was the company listed on the Stock Exchange?
The Equity Shares of the Company were listed on the Stock Exchanges on May 13, 2010

3. What are the stock exchanges where the company is listed?
The Shares are listed on Bombay Stock Exchange Limited

4. Under what code is the company listed on the Exchanges?
The Stock Code of the NEL shares in Bombay Stock Exchange Limited : 533202

5. Can I purchase stock directly from Nitesh Land Limited?
No. You may contact a Share Broker for purchase of NEL Shares.

6. Who is the transfer agent of the company?
The name of the Registrars & Share Transfer Agent (RTA) is Karvy Computershare Private Limited

7. What is the role of the transfer agent?

Role of the transfer Agent :

To carry out the transfer / transmission of shares in physical form
Maintaining the Register of Members, transfer registers, Benpose status (in Demat)
Mailing the dividend and other communication to the shareholders
Preparation of periodical report to Stock Exchanges and SEBI

8. What is the procedure in case the share holder wishes to consolidate his holding in various folios?
In case a shareholder has more than one folio in the same name or with identical names in the same order of joint holders, a request for consolidation of the folios into a single folio should be sent to the Share Transfer Agent.
Desirous shareholders should provide a Requisition letter duly signed by all holders, indicating the folio number into which the total holding

9. What is the procedure for change in the name of individual shareholders?
A request for a change in the name of individual shareholders should be sent to the Registrars & Share Transfer Agent.
For such changes the shareholder should provide:
Copy of notification in official gazette or a newspaper or an affidavit drawn on stamp paper of appropriate value or a duly sworn copy of marriage certificate / decree of divorce duly attested by competent authorities, where the change in name is consequent upon marriage, divorce, etc.
Share certificates in original, where the shares are held on physical form Fresh specimen signature duly attested by a banker.
The RTA will guide you on further procedure.

10. What is the procedure for change of address/bank details?
Request for change is address/ bank mandate details should be sent to the Registrars & Share Transfer Agent in the prescribed format duly signed by sole holder/ first holder/ all joint holders.

11. How do I order a copy of your Annual Report?
Normally, the Annual Report will be mailed to the Registered address of the Shareholders of the Company. If you have become a member recently, you may write to the Secretarial Department of the Company.

12. When is your Annual General Meeting?
The date of next Annual General Meeting will be announced through Newspaper advertisements and also to Stock Exchanges. Registered members will be mailed the notice calling the meeting together with the Annual Report.

13.What is the ratio of Independent Directors to Whole Time Directors?
Nitesh Land Limited has a majority of independent directors as against Whole Time Directors. 5 out of 9 Directors are independent Directors.
There are 2 whole-time Directors and other 2 are Non Independent and Non Executive Directors.

14.Does the Company have a history of paying dividend?
Nitesh Land has announced its maiden dividend in the first year of going Public in the year 2010-11.