Get your home looking on trend with the 2018 Pantone Colour of the year – Ultra Violet

Get your home looking on trend with the 2018 Pantone Colour of the year – Ultra Violet

Posted on Apr 16, 2018 at 06:21 PM

Get your home looking on trend with the 2018

Pantone is the global authority on colours and sets the colour trend each year, which in turn inspires designers, artists and trendsetters to work their magic in creating fashion and home décor.

This year the stunning ultra violet shade of purple makes its entry as the Pantone colour of the year. The shade has long been linked to feminist causes thanks to the sense of solidarity that the colour exudes. The cooler shade of purple evokes creativity and has a mystical and spiritual essence to it. Little wonder then that Ultra Violet is often associated with spiritualism and mindful practises.

Even without the mysticism attached to it, this beautiful shade offers unexpected colour pairings. Being easy to intermix with different hues, it adds an extra layer of magic, turning your home and office into stylish spaces.

    • Inspiring ways to decorate your home with Ultra Violet

      It’s time to break away from the monotony of safe, plain colours and bring in some adventure. While Ultra Violet may seem a little too bold, this regal hue can be brash and rich or sleek and contemporary. Whether you are looking at painting the walls of your home to make a bold statement or just experiment with a piece of furniture, there much more to this versatile colour than what meets the eye.


  • The Regal Hue

    If you want to bring in grandeur and add a sense of majesty to your space, pairing Ultra Violet with gold is sure to turn heads. Purple is often associated with calmness so when you combine this colour with the brilliance of gold it creates a sense of harmony and balance in the room. This combination adds a chic and sophisticated feel to the space.

  • A Touch of Ultra Violet

    If you want to create dramatic, contemporary spaces in your home or office, art pieces in Ultra Violet can help you achieve the look that you are striving for. This can also add a splash of colour to an otherwise sober wall.

  • The Ultra Violet Detailing

    Unleash your creativity and style with Ultra Violet accents. Whether it is an upholstered piece of furniture in the shade or an eclectic woven rug, the fabric of the drapes or small pieces of décor, Ultra Violet can truly enhance the look of any space. Go big and bold to accentuate a certain area or try mixing an antique chair upholstered in ultra violet with your contemporary décor and transform the room into a magical space.

  • The Pulse of Romance

    Ultra Violet can exude an incredibly romantic feel when teamed with the right accessories. Create a dreamy space and achieve the perfect balance between energy, calmness and romance by painting your walls in a warm lavender shade or by decorating the room with knick-knacks that compliment your walls. While on one hand purple is a majestic colour that screams sophistication, on the other it adds a certain mysterious charm. Create an atmosphere of romance and relaxation by adding cushions, comforters, and other linen in lavender hues.

While the colour gives you a number of chic ways to incorporate the shade in your home, there are certain do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind.

  • Do use Ultra Violet as an accent colour
  • Do go for a majestic look and mix it with metallic shades
  • Do try a boho look by mixing Ultra Violet with jewel tones: ocean green, turquoise, burnt orange and sage green
  • Do incorporate Ultra Violet with floral accents like delphinium and lavender to bring in a flush of nature’s beauty
  • Don’t use Ultra Violet on permanent household fixtures
  • Do achieve a calming vibe by mixing cool tones with varying shades of violet

Ultra Violet can make a statement in any space, whether traditional, elegant or bold. Be creative and adventurous as 2018 is the year to break free from the stereotype and unleash your inner desire.