Why Nitesh Napa Valley – Your Californian Home In Yelahanka

Why Nitesh Napa Valley – Your Californian Home In Yelahanka

Posted on Jan 24, 2018 at 11:48 AM

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Napa Valley is a Californian-style offering by Nitesh Land, where you can live in your dream luxury villa in Yelahanka, Bangalore. Spread over 20 acres of land with picturesque resort-landscape appeal, Napa Valley projects a harmonious blend of international design and uncompromised comfort. The development focuses on a global lifestyle which is evident from the generous plot sizes. Located in the affluent suburb of Yelahanka, the residential complex is surely an abode designed for those who prefer superior quality and luxury.

Highlights of the project

There are a total of 133 villas at Nitesh Napa Valley and each of them has living areas, kids’ play areas, two to three bedrooms, family spaces and media rooms that can serve as extra guest rooms and spaces. Fusing luxury and convenience, the property boasts superior construction and world-class amenities. Here are a few specifications of these villas:

  1. 1. Spread over three floors, these villas vary between 2712 sq ft and 5342 sq ft when it comes to saleable or built up area.
  2. 2. The villas have an RCC framed structure. That means that the construction is extremely strong and efficient when it comes to bearing load.
  3. 3. The door and window frames are made with polished teakwood that offer a stunning, eye-catching appeal to the interiors. Alternatively, buyers have the option to choose from alternative woods like maple, mahogany and oak, all offering their own unique look to the finished framework. In addition to that, window frames can be carved, stained or painted as per the requirement and demand of the buyer. It is important to remember that:
    • -Wooden window frames are more environmentally friendly than PVCu. Also, the wooden window frames come with a GWP or global warming potential. It means that over time, they are able to reduce the CO2 levels in the surrounding atmosphere. Timber window frames also boast of a better longevity and can last for decades while PVCu frames last less than 30 years.
    • -They offer warmth and beauty to the look of the house. They can also be customised and are available in a variety of finishes.
    • -Wood is stylish and at the same time, offers natural insulation because of its energy efficient properties.
    • -Wood needs to be treated with the right product before installation so that it can last for a very long time. At the Nitesh Napa Valley villas, this detail is taken very seriously.
  4. 4. All internal staircases are made with Italian marble with balustrade panels made of clear, toughened glass.
  5. 5. Type A and B villas get a 14KW power supply and Type C villas get a 12KW power supply. All the villas have a DG power backup of 5KW.

Now, let us take a look into the clear advantages that you can enjoy at every Nitesh Napa Valley home in Yelahanka.


If you are looking for a stylish, modern and visually appealing luxury house in Yelahanka, Nitesh Napa Valley is the answer. All the spacious villas in the development are complete with beautiful details and chic styles of walls, doors and more. Every villa is designed to suit the elegant, modern taste and is in tune with the latest trends in homes and residential real estate.

Quality construction

A key factor that determines the favourability of any home in Yelahanka or at any place for that matter is the quality of design and construction. Structural strength is the fundamental of a lasting foundation that can be trusted even in times of calamity. Here is why the villas in Napa Valley fit right into that description:

  1. 1. Made with RCC frames that make use of reinforced concrete, the villas boast of a high compressive strength that can withstand a good amount of tensile stress.
  2. 2. The villas also have a good fire and weather resistance.
  3. 3. The RCC frame structures are more durable than other alternatives. In addition to that, they are less costly to maintain.

The quality of construction is closely monitored in all the projects undertaken by Nitesh Land. The construction quality is also maintained in the other recreational structures that have been erected within the gates of Nitesh Napa Valley.


The luxurious offerings of Nitesh Napa Valley make life extremely comfortable for the residents. The inner walls of the villas are coated with royal emulsion and the countertops in bathrooms and kitchens are all made of superior grade granite slabs. In addition to that, the following luxurious features add to the overall appeal of the luxury villas at Napa Valley.

  • 1. The master bathrooms are equipped with a bathtubs.
  • 2. Branded chromium plated fittings and furnishings complete the overall appeal of the bathrooms.
  • 3. The private terraces are floored with anti-skid vitrified tiles.
  • 4. The floors in the dining areas and bedrooms are all laid with imported marble, adding finesse to the complete ambience.
  • 5. The balconies and all other areas are adorned with designer flooring as per the requirement.


The location advantage

Another great reason to invest in Nitesh Napa Valley is the huge location advantage that it enjoys. Whether it is the excellent transport connectivity or the location of essential amenities nearby, a luxury villa in Yelahanka tends to be surrounded by multiple benefits.

  1. The importance of owning a home in Yelahanka

    Yelahanka is a place that has a lot of historical significance. Apart from that, the modern growth and development in the area has been tremendous. An extremely well-planned township, Yelahanka also has beautiful natural beauty reflected in its atmosphere and the many lakes that surround it. So, a luxury villa in Yelahanka also gets all of these advantages that add to its value in the long run.The close proximity to important places

  2. There is a good presence of reputed schools and hospitals in the area.

    The Canadian International School, Euro School, Presidency School Bangalore, all have their branches in Yelahanka. Famous hospitals in the area include Sankara Nethralaya, Nava Chethana Hospital, Cytecare Cancer Hospitals and Wockhardt Heart Center. In addition to that, there are several popular shopping malls, restaurants and other amenities that are located in close proximity to the area.

  3. Good transport connectivity

    The airport, the railway station, the metro station and major road routes are easily accessible from the area. The location of Napa Valley therefore, becomes all the more favourable due to its amazing connectivity with the rest of the city. The availability of road transport is frequent and convenient.

If you are looking for an ideal place to invest in, specifically in Bangalore, buying a luxury villa in Yelahanka constructed by Nitesh Land can prove to be an extremely wise and thoughtful decision. The several advantages in terms of location, structural design, construction quality, layout, style, and amenities that are provided within the gates of Napa Valley are just a few examples of what makes this place an ideal investment opportunity.