Posted on Jan 13, 2016 at 05:40 PM

Vastu is an ancient eastern science of architecture, construction and design aimed at harbouring positive energies, eliminating negative energies and creating a tranquil atmosphere at home. Many ardent followers of vastu go to great lengths to align their homes as per the principles vastu which include breaking down and re-building parts of the house, if not more. Don’t worry, we aren’t here to make you tear down your walls. Here are 5 easy to follow vastu tips you can use to make your home a positive space.


Pick the right home

If you are looking to buy homes, then you must note that one of the fundamental principles of vastu is that a home must face East, North or the North-East direction in order to harness the positive energies. This also ensures at least a portion of the house receives sun light.

Chuck the clutter

The late comedian George Carlin once said “Home is where you keep your stuff while you go out to get more stuff.” Which is very true in our time and the process also leaves us with a lot of things that we won’t be needing in the future. Anything that hasn’t been used in over a year is usually never used ever after. Scan your home for things that you don’t need and either dispose or donate them appropriately. This will reduce the negative energies in your home and give it a cleaner, simpler appearance which is also visually pleasing.

Pick the right accents and accessories

Keep the interiors pleasant with cool, mild and soothing colours on the walls. Discard anything that looks out of place and accessorise your home with furnishings that give the environment a soothing effect (for example: matching coloured fixtures and curtains). Another common advice given by vastu experts is not to place a mirror opposite or next to a bed. This is believed to attract negative energy that causes bad dreams. Also ensure that when you sleep, your head face south or west direction.

Have a sharp eye for sharp edges

As dangerous as they are for toddlers, sharp edges are also equally harmful for adults according to the principles of vastu. Study the design of your house to determine whether there are any sharp edges that stick out. These are known to attract negative energy among other safety hazards. Even when furnishing your home, ensure that all the fixtures, etc., have rounded edges.

Cleanliness equals positivity

Build a routine that helps you keep your home clean and positive. Dust everything regularly, constantly look for things you don’t need and dispose them. Wash your hands and feet as soon as you come home, light incense sticks and lamps regularly and offer a small prayer at least once a day. These might sound like a bunch of instructions your mother would give but they actually breathe positivity into your space.

Vastu might be a hard concept to accept for a few, but even scientifically speaking, when you constantly perform positive activities in a specific space, you associate the space with the positivity in your life. Hence, every time you’re home, you will sub-consciously think of it as a positive space and that will have a good influence on life. So, now that you’ve got the tips, get going, get cleaning and get positive.