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Ultra Luxury Homes in Bangalore

When it comes to home trends, “ultra-luxury” seems to be the buzz these days. Massive homes with designer fixtures, concierge services and amenities like pools and clubhouses within the residential complex have emerged as a much sought after feature when it comes to looking for the ultimate dream home today. India’s IT hub Bangalore is consistently in tune with the trend with demands for such homes increasing year after year. Thanks to professionals like Nitesh Land, this demand is well met in more ways than one.

Before we delve into the details of specific projects offered by Nitesh Land in central Bangalore, here is a closer look at the concept of ultra-luxury residences.

1. Designer Homes

Though ultra-luxury goes beyond just the designs and layouts of homes, this particular aspect does form one of the bases to understand the concept of ultra-luxury in the context of urban living. Villas, penthouses and condos are just a few examples of homes that fall under the category of ultra luxury. These designer homes are also equipped with features like automation, extravagant amenities and a high-level of customization. Also, these homes boast of sustainable construction and features like earthquake resistance, RCC frame structures, fire-resistant aluminum sliding windows and more. Another criterion that defines this premium segment is space.

2. The difference from “luxury”

There is a thin line between luxury and ultra-luxury apartments in central Bangalore. There are several factors like association with international brands at various levels, number of parking units per person, generously spaced-out living areas, opulence and pricing. All of them help an ultra luxury project stand out from its luxury counterparts.

3. Buyer profile and location

Ultra-luxury apartments in central Bangalore are some of the most coveted addresses in the city. Connectivity to urban amenities and good transport networks are important factors to consider. These are not like the ordinary 4BHK apartments in Bangalore but more like the dream homes we all aspire to own. Naturally, the buyer profile too varies and a lot of NRI investors and people from the upper economic class form the most expected target market.

Now, let’s take a look at the main residential project that offers the best luxury apartments in Sadashivnagar- Nitesh Knights Bridge.

Nitesh Knights Bridge is an ultra-luxurious modern urban abode in central Bangalore. The homes located in Nitesh Kinghts Bridge boast of the best quality in construction, design and facilities. This resplendent blend of contemporary architecture is brought forth by a team of architects from the United Kingdom and is spread over an area of 0.32 acres. The apartments are spread across 9 floors. Here are some of the features that truly set this property apart.

1. These are the best in class 4BHK apartments in Bangalore.
2. The construction is based on RCC structure. It is the use of reinforced concrete that enhances the tensile strength of the property in the long run.
3. The apartments are designed by the world-renowned architectural firm WATG.
4. Some of the highlights of these apartments include floor-to-ceiling windows, rooftop swimming pool with a deck and jacuzzi and a state-of-the-art fitness center among other amazing features.
5. The residents also enjoy concierge services and rooftop gardens.

If this wasn’t convincing enough, here are the additional details that make these the best luxury apartments in Sadashivnagar.

    ● Aesthetics: All the apartments that are located within the Nitesh Knights Bridge are marked by the best-in-class furnishings and details like granite counter tops in the kitchens, modular switches, built-in microwave and oven etc. In addition to that, the paint, the tiles, the power supply and all other details boast the highest quality to provide the finest of finishes . All of this comes together to enhance the look and feel of these apartments.

    ● Security: The best part about these apartments is the variety of security features that they are equipped with. There are gas leak detectors, panic bars, color video door phones and CCTV systems installed all around the complex.

    ● Quality Construction: The apartments in the complex have an RCC structure which means they are made with reinforced concrete systems that ensure enhanced tensile strength to the structures, making them stronger in terms of earthquake resistance and better able to withstand the test of time.

    ● Comfort: The residential complex boasts of amazing amenities within its boundaries. In addition to the green and clean surroundings, the property has its own deluxe gym and rooftop swimming pool.

    ● Strategic location: TNitesh Knights Bridge enjoys the advantage of being located in one of the most sought after addresses in Bangalore- Sadashivnagar. The place is very well connected via efficient transport networks and has all the necessary facilities for easy modern living in the vicinity.

If you are wondering where to find ultra luxury 4BHK apartments in Bangalore, Nitesh Knights Bridge by Nitesh Land is the perfect answer. An ideal destination in terms of design, construction quality and the amenities, the development is a dream come true for those seeking the pleasures of a perfect urban residence. Blending opulence and convenience, Nitesh Knights Bridge is sure to become one of Bangalore’s iconic residences.