Posted on Oct 1, 2015 at 09:32 AM

are you ready to buy a home
Buying a home is a decision that you should take after much consideration. Take this short quiz to find out how ready you are for that commitment!

1. Have you discussed your decision with your significant other or your family?
         (a) Yes, they are all on-board and we are all excited about the new home.
         (b) I have run past the idea but we haven’t had the time to discuss it as yet.
         (c) Not yet. It’s just something that I have been thinking to myself about.

2. Are you financially ready to buy a new home?
         (a) Definitely. I have been saving up for this place for year and will be able to make a purchase once I find the perfect home.
         (b) I guess I can take a loan but I still have to go through my finances and credit options.
         (c) I have no idea how much a new home might cost me.

3. How much do you know about the real estate market?
         (a) I have thoroughly researched on all my options and have come up with a plan ahead.
         (b) I have looked up a little bit on the internet and everything seems favourable.
         (c) I don’t know much about real estate.

4. What kind of a home are you thinking of buying?
         (a) A home in a good locality which has great re-sale value that I can maintain easily.
         (b) A nice place to live within my budget.
         (c) One with a huge staircase running inside, open kitchen or a Jacuzzi maybe?

5. Are your financially prepared for the added expenses that come with being a home owner?
         (a) I have set aside a chunk of money especially for repair and maintenance and taxes.
         (b) I guess I can cover the costs of unforeseen damages.
         (c) What added expenses?

6. What are the factors that you are taking into consideration while looking for a house?
         (a) Location, proximity to schools, resale value, neighbourhood
         (b) Locality, proximity to great places, a cosy house
         (c) A pool would be nice

7. How sure are you that you want to be a home owner?
         (a) I am fully prepared to buy my own place and can’t wait to buy one.
         (b) I am kind of sure but still have a lot of options to consider.
         (c) I am not sure at all.


Mostly As:
You have taken into factor all the aspects of buying a house and are all ready to take up the responsibilities of owning a home of your own. Good for you! But make sure that practicality aside, you find a dream home that will make waking up a pleasure every morning.

Mostly Bs:
Buying a home seems to be just a thought for you as of now. A little more research and talking to a few people about what all entails into buying a home might be a huge help to you in making this decision. Don’t rush, take your time. After all, it is a very important decision that you are making.

Mostly Cs:
You still have some ground to cover before considering a home purchase. Buying a home is a very serious decision which takes quite a bit of looking around. Start small and in time you will buy a dream home which you will not regret! Unless your second name is Gates or something of that sort.