7 amenities that make for a sinfully luxurious home

Posted on Jan 14, 2016 at 12:07 PM


Extravagance is a good thing when it comes to a luxury home – a home which takes lavish living to a whole new level. Luxury homes are for an elite few who wish to live the high life. If you are wondering what makes a luxury home, here are a few sinful amenities that make the mere act of living, a pleasure worth dying for!

A location of pride

Location is the key to real estate purchases and luxury homes are no different.

A great luxury home comes with a view worth waking up for every morning while also giving the residents ultimate privacy.

Home automation for the sloth in you


A luxury home spoils you with its high-tech features. Cutting edge technology that lets you access every part of your home with just the touch of a button so you can lounge in peace is one that is highly sought after. Shut the drapes, adjust the climate, control the lighting, operate your audio/video and control the security systems without getting off your designer couch – now that’s luxury!

A media room for the neighbour’s envy


When you have a luxury home, you seldom need to step out of the house to entertain yourself. A personal home theater with cosy couches, adjustable lighting and surround sound – it cannot get any better than this.

Wine cellar for the greedy connoisseurs


Greedy for more? How does a wine cellar in your very own home sound like? For wine aficionados, a wine cellar takes luxury to a new level. Collect vintage wines from your globetrotting adventures and store them in your home to enjoy a glass whenever your feel like.

A kitchen to let out the glutton in you


A kitchen is the heart of every home. A great luxury home has to have an open kitchen along with the latest restaurant quality appliances and a walk-in pantry. Whether one is entertaining guests or having a romantic dinner, a magnificent kitchen will always make for a wonderful evening.

Amazing outdoor features


Lavish living extends even outside the doors. Outdoor hot tubs, pools and cabanas with amazing features and ultimate privacy are something an elite few can enjoy. A state-of-the-art filtration system, immaculate landscaping around the pool and stunning views will just make it better. These days, infinity pools are also becoming a sought after feature in luxury homes.

Security systems to protect you from wrath


And lastly, you definitely need to enjoy all the pleasures that a luxury home has to offer knowing that you are safe and secure. State-of-the-art security system, CCTV cameras, remote smart phone monitoring and intruder systems ensure that you have a blissful sleep in the comfort of your luxury home.

So now that you know what to look for in a luxury home, go and find the perfect one for you which suits your tastes and personalize it to match your desires.

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