5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for a New Pet

5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for a New Pet

Posted on Aug 2, 2018 at 05:40 PM

5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for a New Pet

Finally, you have decided to bring home a furry buddy. Congratulations and a happy woof-woof! Bringing a pet home is one of the greatest joys of life. That cute little bundle of love and innocence will surely bring unlimited happiness and excitement in your home for the next few years. However, to make life easy as a pet-parent you need some thoughtful preparation. Getting your home ready for a pet is not as daunting as it may seem to be. Here is a carefully compiled list to get your house ready for pets. Read on:

1) Start with Pet-proofing your home:

Before you bring a pet home, you need to get your apartment ready for a pet. The first step involves making a double check on hazards such as toxic materials, electric cords, open plug points, poisonous plants, cleaning products, chemicals, cosmetics and open doors and risky outlets. You also need to pet proof the area where your little four-legged explorer will spend most of her time initially. This may include:

    1. Removing plants, breakable items and rugs/carpets

    2. Placing chemicals and medicines on higher shelves

    3. Installing gates, crates and safety fences

    4. Keeping the garbage bins out of reach

    5. Tying or rearranging cords, curtains and wires to avoid strangulation disasters

    6. Using an odour neutralizer to get rid of pet odour

This is essential not only for the safety of your pet but also to avoid any unpleasant incident at home when you are away and cannot keep an eye on the furry fellow!

2) A little homework goes a long way:

Once you have decided to bring a pet home, a little research about the breed will be extremely helpful. It will equip you in getting familiar with the yet-to-arrive new member, it’s behaviour, food habits and health concerns. Read up, watch videos, talk to other pet owners and join common social media forums. You will get plenty of insight to prepare yourself and get your home pet ready as well. If there are kids around, they need to be trained on how to deal with the particular breed and how to take good care of the new family member.

3) Creating a comfort zone:

Becoming a pet parent and bringing a new pet home is a joyous yet stressful task. If you are not prepared for this, it might take a toll on your everyday life. A pet requires more than just water, milk and food. They yearn for love, comfort, safety and a sense of belonging in the new home. While getting your apartment ready for a pet you need to ensure that safety and comfort are a priority. This includes a quick checklist of following things:

    1. A designated area and a comfort zone for your pet

    2. Making her familiar with the food bowl, collar, leash and the toys

    3. Taking care of hygiene and cleanliness of the new pet home

    4. Removing all hazardous materials and unstable furniture placed around that area

    5. Creating play zones and exercise and entertainment areas for the new jumpy kid

    6. Getting your children and toddlers accustomed to the new pet

    4) Patience is the key:

    Like all human young ones, even pet babies need a lot of love, care and attention during the first few weeks. While training and guiding them about the rules of the house, you need to exercise unfathomable patience. They might need constant reminders and hands on sessions around the house.

    When a pet arrives in a new environment, he or she will surely explore the area enthusiastically. That’s inevitable and a very natural trait of most of the homely pets. During this process, they might chew, gnaw or chomp your favourite belongings unknowingly. They use their olfactory senses and sharp teeth on almost everything around the house. A little patience, pre-arrangements and a good initial training will guarantee a peaceful sleep and lesser risks of pet-disasters!

    5) Divide the duties:

    Once you bring a pet home, life will certainly change for everyone. A pet, as we mentioned earlier, needs your time, attention and energy. You need to take time off to ensure great bonding hours with the new baby of the house. Designated duties and responsibilities for each member of the family is a great idea to begin with.

    Arranging for a veterinary appointment, vaccination schedule, bathing and feeding routine, walks, playtime and training sessions – make sure all these duties are shared amongst the family members. Take a professional help if the family members lack time and have a busy schedule. Hiring a pet walker, a caretaker and a professional trainer is also a good idea and takes some burden off your shoulder without having a constant worry about your pet being ignored. However, while developing a training manual for your pet, make sure all of you are on the same page. The instructions, vocabulary and directions should match and sound familiar or else the poor fellow would end up being a confused and lost soul!

    Bringing a pet home is the beginning of an exhilarating journey as a pet-parent. Expect plenty of love, mush, sloppy kisses and some beautiful memories in your living room. Patience, preparedness and an open heart is the key. Everything else will be a cakewalk…or let’s say a walk in the park..!